• Hiking in Bulgaria, the Balkan range

    Hiking in Bulgaria, the Balkan range

    The Balkan Mountain Range – is the longest in the Balkan Peninsula, extending to 555 km., and has also given the name of the peninsula. The mountain is a natural climate barrier and separates the country into two parts – north and south. We pass by the most famous tourist and emblematic route of Kom(…)

  • MTB in the Eastern Rodopi mountain

    MTB in the Eastern Rodopi mountain

    We offer a program to bikers by one of the most interesting and unexplored mountains in Bulgaria – the Eastern Rodopi mountain. Six days of MTB tracks and roads with stunning views and a step backwards in the history of human … GENERAL POINTS Perperikon Perperikon is an archaeological complex in the East Rhodope mountain,(…)

  • Trekking in the national parks of Rila

    Trekking in the national parks of Rila & Pirin – Bulgaria

    The mountains of Rila and Pirin are one of the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. With their Alpine type of landscape, impressive landscapes, circuit lakes and millenary forests, these mountains offer perfect conditions for tourism, mountain biking and alpinism. The admirers of the wild nature could enjoy the large number of wild animals and plants(…)

  • Monasteries, nature, trek and culture in Bulgaria with Trekking BG

    Monasteries, nature, trek and culture in Bulgaria with Trekking BG

    The melancholy of days past in the old arcs of monasteries cuddled in the gentle embrace of the forest. The sense of a new Revival on the streets of Sofia and Plovdiv. The freshness of mountain air in Stara Planina, the Rhodopes and Rila. This is a view to Bulgaria and its history that is(…)

  • Short trekking in Bulgaria

    Short trekking in Bulgaria

    A programme which combines culture, traditions and folklore together with one of the most beautiful alpine areas in Bulgaria – Vihren Peak (2,914m) in the Pirin Mountains. The programme also includes visits to the attractive towns of Bankso, Sandansky, and Melnik. We have to mention that the incredible cuisine of the Pirin Region, will leave(…)

Trekking BG is a Bulgarian organization that develops alternative tourism.

Trekking BG mission is:
• to preserve the integrity of both Bulgaria’s natural environment and cultural traditions
• to develop and improve the quality of tourist services
• to work for You by making your trip an unforgettable.

Trekking BG groups are lead by young people joined together by the idea of creating and discovering new horizons and worthy experiences in a different manner.

Trekking BG team is working on the view to initiate and inspire an open and profound communication, understanding and harmonization between People, Nature and Culture

Travelling, discovering, learning and feeling combined with the ability to experience, share and enjoy life are the general tools used by Trekking BG team with aim to make Your Trek the most attractive and worthwhile vacation in your life.

Trekking BG is a member of:

Bulgarian National Climbing and Mountaineering Federation