• By the steps of the Bulgarian Rose Oil

    By the steps of the Bulgarian Rose Oil

    … Your daily life happens in an office, long hours at the computer, in an eternal competition with time and multitask. Tasks that never end, at work and at home. …. Sometimes you get the feeling you’re a programmed robot, which has no time to relax, to “waste time“… Does this sound familiar? Do you […]

  • Trekking in the national parks of Rila & Pirin – Bulgaria

    Trekking in the national parks of Rila & Pirin – Bulgaria

    The mountains of Rila and Pirin are one of the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. With their Alpine type of landscape, impressive landscapes, circuit lakes and millenary forests, these mountains offer perfect conditions for tourism, mountain biking and alpinism. The admirers of the wild nature could enjoy the large number of wild animals and plants […]

  • Traditional Customs of Bulgaria

    Traditional Customs of Bulgaria

    Bulgarian state was founded in 681 and up until now it has been one of the few countries in Europe which have kept their ancient name and centuries-old traditions. They are the ones keeping the spirit of a nation. Traditions preserve through the centuries national crafts, beliefs, folklore. A people without traditions is like a […]

  • The highest peak in Bulgaria and Rila monastery

    The highest peak in Bulgaria and Rila monastery

    Four days in which we would like to show you some of the most celebrated, beautiful and emblematic sites in Bulgaria. From the luxury of the hotels at the international skiing centre Borovets, you will be carried to the unique atmosphere of the “Ledeno ezero” alpine shelter, you will climb up the highest peak on […]

  • Bulgаria – discover the tresures of the Balkans

    Bulgаria – discover the tresures of the Balkans

    Travel to the past, which ends in the future. A trip to the ancient and contemporary capital cities of Bulgaria. Authentic villages and monasteries. We have combined the traditions and old handicrafts with an overlook of contemporary Bulgaria and its everyday life. You will see how youth goes hand in hand with the wisdom of […]

Trekking BG is a Bulgarian organization that develops alternative tourism.

Trekking BG mission is:
• to preserve the integrity of both Bulgaria’s natural environment and cultural traditions
• to develop and improve the quality of tourist services
• to work for You by making your trip an unforgettable.

Trekking BG groups are lead by young people joined together by the idea of creating and discovering new horizons and worthy experiences in a different manner.

Trekking BG team is working on the view to initiate and inspire an open and profound communication, understanding and harmonization between People, Nature and Culture

Travelling, discovering, learning and feeling combined with the ability to experience, share and enjoy life are the general tools used by Trekking BG team with aim to make Your Trek the most attractive and worthwhile vacation in your life.

Trekking BG is a member of:

Bulgarian National Climbing and Mountaineering Federation