There are many countries in the world famous for their original and tasty cuisine and lost-lasting culinary traditions. The methods of Bulgarian cuisine are not so different from those used throughout the world. It should be tasted the way it is for its peculiarities which give specific taste and aroma to the meals – the features which spread its fame beyond the borders of the countries. Those are before all, the even cooking of products at slow fire. The food should necessarily be left at slow fire to boil, roast or stew fully. This is the only way to preserve nutrition qualities and to have a magnificent taste at the same time. The same effect is achieved by the multitude of products, which match the condiments and fats. Condiments are light, unostentatious. As far as cooking is concerned, since old times Bulgarians have preferred stewing, roasting, boiling and cooking into clay dishes. Roasting on coals is wide spread – it makes the meat tasty, lean and juicy. There are many different Bulgarian meals, but we cannot describe all, so the best you can do is try them!