We offer a program to bikers by one of the most interesting and unexplored mountains in Bulgaria – the Eastern Rodopi mountain. Six days of MTB tracks and roads with stunning views and a step backwards in the history of human …



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPerperikon is an archaeological complex in the East Rhodope mountain, consisting of: a large megalithic temple dating from the Stone age (8000 years ago), some monuments of Antiquity and Medieval fortress. For the Thracian people Perperikon has been their Holy city of stone, their capital and the fortress of the Royal Palace. It is also believed that it was the famous Temple of the Prophets of Dionysus in ancient times. The Thracian tribe Bessy runed here their religious rituals. Later the pace was populated by the Romans, Goths, Byzantines and Bulgarians. Destroyed by the Turks in the fourteenth century.
Today, co-financed by the European Union, an important historical center for the visitors was built at the foot of Perperikon.


The Tomb of Mezek dates from IV-III centuries B.C. and is a Thracian tomb of Mycenaean type. It is assumed that the tomb was used as a temple to Herón – a place where a worship for the divine dead has been respected by certain religious rituals. It is used several times and probably served as the family tomb of a Thracian aristocrats.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe literal translation of the current name “Sinomorets” (from Greek “galazios”) means “cerulean”.
Not far away in the time in Sinomorets during underwater inspections, at bay “Potamia”, were found ceramic fragments from V-IV century BC and the Middle Ages. On the peninsula there are Thracian mounds and a small fort. South of Sinomorets to the village of Rezovo is a protected area named “Silistar”. The dunes and rocks around Silistar haver rare birds and their nests. Northeast of the village are the bay “Saint John” where is a fishing pier and the rocky area “cruise” for which there is a legend that once there were crumbling old and useless ships.


Day 1

Arrival in Sofia. Airport pickup. Hotel accommodation in the center of Sofia. Presentation of the program and  the guides. Free time to compose bikes. Dinner.

Day 2

Transfer to the region of Kyrdjali (230 km).

v. Jenda – v. Borovitsa – v. Dajdovnitsa – v. Enchets – v. Glavatartsi

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom the  village of Jenda we start with a gentle descent of 22km on road to the lodge and dam Borovitsa. Biking along the shore of the dam with a gentle ascents and descents. From Borovitsa lodge we continue with an easy climb to the village of Pydarci. From there we continue with several climbs and fun descents on road to reach the village of Dyjdovnitsa. The last stage of the day is downhill to the village of Glavatartsi. Glavatartsi village is on the banks of impressive Kardjali dam.

Distance: 40 km

Elevation gain: 800 m

Car: 230 km

Accommodation: *** hotel Rocca – Glavatartsi

Day 3

v. Glavatartsi – c. Kardzhali – v. Panchevo – v. Oreshnitsa – v. Boliartsi – Perperikon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe start the day with a balanced worm up, we bike from Glavatartsi to Kardzhali with several ups and downs on road. Today we pass by the natural monument “The stone wedding Zimzelen.” Hereof we expect a very nice biking along a track and we continue to Oreshnitsa . We bike on asphalt wich passes in a track in one moment . We go down to Bolyartsi and continue to Perperikon first on road that turns to track, and then on a path where we have to carry the bikes. We visit the archaeological complex Perperikon . At the end of  the day we bike downhill to the parking lot where the minibus is expecting us. Transfer to the village of Madjarovo – 60 km.
Today the former glory of Perperikon (III- II millennium BC . ) is reviving. The holy city is unique in its archaeological, historical, natural and multi – religious aspect, it is one of the wonders of the World.

Distance: 31 km

Elevation gain: 600 m

Car: 60 km

Accommodation: Hotel Rai ** – Madjarovo

Day 4

v. Madjarovo – Gluhite Kamyni – Mezek

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom Madjarovo we start with slight ascent and then descent  on road to Borislavtsi . We continue with a gentle ascent on track and road . From there we bike to the ridge, climbing on road . Biking on flat track, with the incredible Rhodope mountain landscape on our sides. We’ll pass through the natural monument “Deaf rocks.” Short downhill on road and we continue along the ridge on track. The final stage of the day is a downhill on asphalt to Mezzek. Transfer from Mezek to Svilengrad – 15 km.
The Thracian vaulted tomb of Mezek (IV- III BC) is located on the outskirts of the village of Mezek, in the Municipality of Svilengrad in Meltepe mound. Mezek village is located about 13 km southwest of Svilengrad . In 1908 a farmer found a bronze sculpture of a boar in 1:1 scale and 177 kg in the embankment of the mound.

Distance: 47 km

Elevation gain: 900 m

Car: 15 km

Accommodation: *** hotel Djordje – Svilengrad

Day 5

Transfer from Svilengrad to the village of Brashlian – 200 km. Rest.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrashlian is an authentic Bulgarian village tucked in the heart of Strandja mountain. Older homes have more than 200 years. The village is near the river Veleka. There are several chapels in the forest and sacred sites. Dinner at the magical Kovach site on the banks of river Veleka.

Car: 200km

Accommodation: hotel Sarmashik ** – Brashlian

Day 6

v. Brashlian – v. Kosti

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis day we enter the depths of the mystical mountain. We start with a very nice downhill on track and than we climb on road. We expected one of the most beautiful walks along the mountain ridge to reach Stoilovo. We continue with a fun descent on a track in the valley of the river Veleka, which is followed by an easy for biking flat and sometimes rocky track along the river. After we bike on a good almost flat track to reach the village of Kosti.
The village of Kosti is tucked deep away in the Strandja mountain. The route passes through the crest of the Strandja Massif with panoramic views of the river and valley Veleka. This day we will sleep in the isolated village of Kosti near the border with Turkia. We’ll prepare ourselves dinner and we’ll have common bathrooms in two houses.

Distance: 55 km

Elevation gain: 500 m


Accommodation: local homes – p. Kosti

Day 7

v. Kosti – v. Borodilovo – c. Tsarevo – v. Sinemorets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe day begins with a slight ascent and continue along the valley, enjoying a flat track to reach Brodilovo. From there we bike on road and suddenly in front of us appears the infinite horizon of the Black Sea. We bike on asphalt to the city Tsarevo. Tonight bathing in the sea is a must!
This day we are approaching the area of ​​the Black Sea coast. We sleep in a Bulgarian village Sinomorets  which lately has become vacation area but not the typical resort of the coast. It is authentic with nice views.

Distance: 41 km

Elevation gain: 500 m


Accommodation: Hotel Casa Domingo *** – p. Sinemorets


Rest and sunbathing. Option of water sports: Veleka river kayaking or sailing with a Catamaran. We dedicate the day to the village of Sinomorets and  its surroundings where the river Veleka flows in the Black Sea – one of the most beautiful beaches of the seacoast.

Hotel Casa Domingo *** – p. Sinemorets

Day 9

v. Sinemorets – Silistar – v. Rezovo – v. Sinemorets

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA clear and pleasant day, with an option to cool off in the sea anytime. Road biking with slight ups and downs. The village of Rezovo is the last village in Bulgaria from where you see the territory of Turkey. This day will pass by the beaches of Silistar and we’ll eat in one of the best fish restaurants in the area in

Distance: 27 km

Elevation gain: 340 m


Accommodation: Hotel Casa Domingo ** – p. Sinemorets

Day 10

Return to Sofia 480 km. Accommodation at hotel. Visit the capital.

Accommodation: Hotel City **** – Sofia

Day 11