Vitosha is the only dome-like mountain in Bulgaria. It is not far from Bulgaria’s capital city of Sofia. Vitosha’s area is 278 sq km. Its highest peak is Mount Cherni Vruh- 2,290m. A unique natural phenomenon are the so-called stone rivers (moraines) – round granite stones as big as 2km long and 50m wide. The moraines in the Zlatni Mostove /Golden Bridges/ area are particularly beautiful and impressive.

The average monthly temperature for January is -8,3°C and for July 9°C. The inversion phenomenon can be noticed here. When Sofia is covered with dense cold fog, it is warm and sunny on Vitosha. This phenomenon happens 15 days per year on the average.
Winter lasts 5-7 months on the high peaks and the summer lasts just two months – July and August. The greatest amount of rainfall is in July and least in September. The thickest snow cover forms in March. The longest and biggest river to rise in Vitosha is Strouma. There are no lakes in this mountain.