Due to its geographical situation and climate characteristics Bulgaria has a long, but mild winter, with periods of strong snowfalls and others with a stable sunshine.

Almost 30% of the country is occupied by high mountains (above 1500m), which favors the development of winter outdoor activities and the ski-touring. The mountains of Rila and Pirin are one of the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. With their Alpine type of landscape, impressive landscapes, long slopes and thick forests, they offer perfect conditions for the winter adventure sports fans.


The National park of Rila – one of the very few regions in Europe where still the human influence doesn’t feel so strongly and you could spend days without seeing anybody who will disturb your personal experience. Here we will ski on one of the highest spots of the Balkan Peninsula – Musala peak 2925m.

The Rila monastery it’s the „Pearl” in the crown of the Christian Orthodox monasteries in Bulgaria. For ages it has kept the Christian spirit of the Bulgarians, while their lands have been occupied by the Ottoman Empire. This place, towards which the Bulgarian refer with the biggest love and respect, give us an extraordinary point of view towards the Medieval culture and traditions.

The National park of Pirinthis mountain, with strongly Alpine type of character, strip and inaccessible peaks, Circuit lakes, marble rock formations, millenary trees and exotic plants, the home of the supreme god Perun, offers us another unforgettable experience.

Banskoa small town with 6000 inhabitants, famous for their hospitality, traditional cuisine and folk music. Bansko is a starting point for every route in Pirin mountain.

The capital of Bulgaria Sofia – is one of the oldest towns in Europe. Leaving behind us the high peaks we indulge into the contemporary life of Bulgaria. We save some time to visit the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the Russian  church, the modern city-center, time for shopping or just a calm wandering along the green streets of Sofia.


Day 1

Flight to Sofia. Direct transfer to the winter resort center of Panichishte – appr. 2 hours, ascent to Rila lakes hut (2135m) – around 1:30 hours. Dinner and introduction of the guides and the program.


Day 2

Ski touring to Vazov peak (2669m). Traverse from Vazov peak to Malyovitza peak (2729m) along the central mountain ridge. Skiing to the region of Gjuletchitza and the central mountain school of “Malyovitza”- denivelation 1000m.
The region of the Seven Rila lakes is famous for its high concentration of energies, thus often visited by mystic studies followers.
The region of Malyovitza is famous for its routes for rock climbing and alpinism. This is a center with special meaning for those addicted to mountaineering and adventures.


Day 3

Breakfast. Transfer by bus to the ski center of Borovets – appr. 50 minutes. This day is dedicated to the climbing of Musala peak (2 925m). Heading from the last lift station (2369m) starts our ascent towards Musala peak. Positive denivilation 560m. Getting down – skiing 1500m denivilation to the ski center of Borovets. Transfer to the town of Bansko appr. 2:30 hours, passing through the Jundola pass.
The name of Musala peak is of Turkish origin and means „Near the God“ (Allah), and with the panorama, which has been revealed from it in nice weather, it really deserves its name.
The town of Bansko has got a strategic position, because it is situated among 3 mountains  – Rila, Pirin and Rhodopi. Bansko is mainly situated in the foothills of Pirin mountain, which name comes from the name of the God of Perun – the ancient god of the Slavs – the old population of Bulgaria and the region.

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Day 4

Morning transfer toward the town of Dobrinishte and Gotze Delchev hut, around 40 min. Getting up with the seat lift at Bezbog hut (2236m), translated the name of the hut means “Without God“. Ascent to Polezhan peak (2881m). Descending  – “downhill” skiing to the valley of Damyanitza river – 1000 m denivilation. Transfer to Bansko.

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Day 5

Directly from the hotel we catch the cabin lift which will take us for 25 min from 1315 m to 2396 m. Ascent to Todorka peak (2746m): Alpine traverse. Descending towards Damyanitza river or Banderitza. Transfer to Bansko. Cultural tour of the town.
At the town of Bansko live around 6000 people and there are over 140 “mehani” (local restaurants/ taverns, typical for this region), which offer unforgettable cuisine and amazing musical experience. The walk along the paved streets of the old town could take us back 200 years ago in the old times.

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Day 6

Transfer to the Shiligarnika – 30 min. Ascent to – „Banderishka porta“ (2500m). It is located in the region of the main and the highest peak in Pirin mountain – Vihren (2914m). There is a variant in case the meteorological conditions allow to climb the peak and after that to be transferred by minibus to the town of Melnik.
Descending 1300 m to the summer resort center Popina laka. Tranfer 40 km to the town of Melnik. Melnik is the smallest Bulgarian town. It is announced as a town-museum and is a protected area. The good red wine, the houses in its typical architecture style and the natural sand pyramids contribute for the miraculous atmosphere of this real outdoor museum.

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Day 7

Breakfast. A walk at the park with the sand pyramids in the region of Melnik, a trek lasting 2 hours.

A visit to the Rozhen Monastery. Tranfer to the Rila monastery (120km) A visit to the monastery. Lunch on our way to Sofia. Arrival at Sofia. Dinner.

The Rila monastery “St.Ivan Rilski“ is the most honored and famous monastery around Bulgaria. The contemporary architectural complex is an especially important religious and historical center.

Accommodationhotel **** in Sofia

Day 8

The whole day is dedicated to a round-trip of the capital city. We could visit the National historical museum, the famous Boyana church “St.Nikola”, built within the foothills of Vitosha mountain, the historical center of the city, the National Art Gallery, the Archeological museum, etc.

Of course, the tourists could choose to have a free program: shopping and other activities on demand.

Free time for “last minute” visits and shopping. Transfer to the airport. Goodbye and going back home.